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2005                    Grow the Brown Tail, Hunter College, New York, NY


2018                Suggestivism: Resonance, Spoke Art, NY

2017                Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi Fructose, The Akron Museum

                        The Shape of Things to Come, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NY

2016                Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi Fructose, MOCA Virginia

                        Cluster, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NY

2015                Hey!, Halle Saint Pierre Museum, Paris 

                        Art Today: 2000-Present, New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT

                        Oh The Places We Have Been, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NY

2013                 Whatchamacallit Thingamajig, Silber Gallery Goucher College, Towson, MD

                         Paul Frank's Julius Art Show, Toy Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

                         Calamity and Ruin, Projekt 722, Brooklyn, NY

                         Peaces on Earth, Sardine, Brooklyn, NY

2012                  Blank Land, Torrance Art Museum, Torrence, CA

2011                  The Emergence of the Pop Imagist, Campo de la Madonna de L 'Orto Cannaregio, Venice, Italy

                          Ritual, Causey Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY

2010                  World’s Greatest, Daily Operation, Bushwick, NY         

                          Hi Fructose 5th Anniversary Exhibition, Copro Nason Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

                          Sweet Streets, Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, CA

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                           SCOPE Art Show, Miami, FL

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                           New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT                          

                           Kgervas Collection

                           Jean Pigozzi Collection